First blog post

Welcome to the new Treasures and Travels website.

Thank you for stopping by.

Allow me to introduce the website and myself.

For almost 22 years I have traveled around the southeast US visiting pawnshops, antique stores and flea markets looking for those elusive treasures I like.  Things like gold, diamonds and just a wide range of other things from old tools anything I think I might buy for a bargain, or, even better something I might be able to sell, swap or barter for a profit.

Some have commented that I work harder at not having a regular J.O.B. than anyone they ever saw.  But when you do what you like it’s not a job.  If you truly love what you are doing it’s F.U.N.

And it has been fun, although I have had to put in some extra work of a more manual labor type from time to time.  For instance, last year I took down, moved and re-built a 6000 sq. ft. greenhouse.. Mainly because I wanted to and could.  But soon realizing that it was cutting way down on the things I really love doing I am in the process of trying to sell it along with the 116 year old farm house w/16 acres half of which is in pecan trees.

But that type of hard physical labor and effort is fast becoming more of a chore for me.

So, I’ll concentrate more on the things I love and treasure that allow me more freedom and opportunities.

I have met many wonderful people along the way, from hobby gold prospectors to wealthy actual huge gold mining investors and a huge variety of people related to those projects.  People from as far away as Peru to summer time prospectors in Alaska who spend the winters here in the south.

I hope this website and some of the places, people and things that come to it will bring me lots of new friends and associates, as well as all the little treasures to be found as well.

So come along and lets see what we can find!.